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Poster: SacrifyX Date: May 23, 2016 5:32pm
Forum: television Subject: VH1's Forever Wild (2001-2002)

I'm desperately searching for full episodes (preferably with the original commercials and music videos intact) of VH1's Forever Wild with Sebastian Bach hosting. I believe there are a total of 13 episodes, I have one full episode (with the videos, commercials and everything intact), the one with Rob Halford in the studio.
I'm hoping someone here wouldn't mind uploading these episodes in XP Mode (1-Hour mode) DVD-R. I've tried pretty much everything to find these. VH1 could care less about the show, and I think Sebastian actually had all the episodes which he recorded himself, he said he wouldn't mind sending them to me, but he lost everything he had back in 2011 to Hurricane Irene.
If anyone has the episodes recorded on VHS, I would be happy to help digitize them. I have all the equipment necessary, and I could share anything you might be searching for which I have.

Attachment: ForeverWild.jpg